The personality test

Today I found out that I’m a INTJ-T.

That’s an introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging and turbulent individual. Not the catchiest of acronyms so they call people like me ‘architects’. I can’t see that going on my Tinder profile any time soon. A 12 minute test confirmed what I already suspected: I’m an introvert – 57% to be precise. I’m 62% intuitive which sounds like a good thing. As does 59% ‘thinking’ until you realise the alternative was ‘feeling’. They may as well have said: ‘Lee, you’re a calculated and cold human being’. I also can’t help but feel 56% ‘judging’ is just a nicer way of saying judgemental. And a whopping 74% ‘turbulent’? They didn’t even try to make that sound positive.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 00.29.29

I’d like to point out that a ‘who even am I?’ crisis didn’t lead to me searching online for mathematical and psychological proof that I might be ‘normal’ after all, or hard-wired to be Apple’s next CEO. I’ve been accepted onto this three-day entrepreneurship programme and taking a personality test was mandatory. They apparently use our results to sort us into balanced and effective teams. Do businesses actually operate like this now? It wouldn’t surprise me. Although it does feel a bit like setting up your Gemini friend with a Sagittarius. (That could be an astronomic disaster.)

The thing about these personality tests is that they’re not going to tell you that you have a shit personality, are they? Even if you do, apparently like me, lack in ’emotional availability’ with parenting set to be a ‘significant challenge’. They also tend to describe you as a bit of everything. I’m ‘imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private’. The list goes on. Pretty much all of the adjectives get thrown in there somewhere. In fact, you’re given so much information, from career paths to workplace habits and friendship, that you end up picking and choosing the parts you wanted to hear. Bit of a bossy child growing up? You’ll be pleased to learn your controlling tendencies were completely justified – turns out you’re a natural-born leader.

The results that stand out are your strengths and weaknesses. A ‘quick, imaginative and strategic mind’? ‘Independent and decisive’? ‘Hardworking and determined’? Sounds about right. The strengths part is great for your ego. But then you get onto the weaknesses. I feel like they should have alternated them to ease you in. I’m arrogant, judgemental and overly analytical. Or so they say. I loathe highly structured environments and I’m clueless when it comes to romance. I’m not sure about the environment part but the romance is spot on.

Can you take these tests seriously? Who knows. But I think it’s at least interesting to see how your results compare to your expectations. It makes you start thinking about the different versions of yourself and who you want to be. It turns out I have a lot in common with Vladimir Putin, Friedrich Nietzsche and Katniss Everdeen. I think I’m ok with that.

You can take the test yourself here. Comment with your results!