Not so fresh Freshers


It escapes me why they call one’s initiation into university life “Freshers”. Only two nights in and I can already tell you that I feel anything but fresh… So worth it though. If I survive the fortnight it will undoubtedly be engraved in my (partial?) memory.

Let’s be honest, it was all completely overwhelming at first. I was tired when I arrived to unpack at 2pm, so you can imagine how shattered I felt by 2am. I have the universal language of football to thank for my quick settling in. Within the hour, ten guys who had never met one another were sitting in a tiny bedroom watching the (embarrassing) Manchester derby, shouting at the buffering stream on someone’s MacBook. I can only hope to forget the result itself in association with my first day.

The other thing I will most likely associate with that first night was the power-cut that killed the club’s music and locked the tills. It turned out to be a godsend really. We were forced to leave our £3.50 double vodka and cokes in favour of £1.50 ones elsewhere. Result!

Here’s a quick summary of my ‘student experience’ so far, perhaps something to look back on in years to come. Food – I have cooked beans on bread (we hadn’t purchased our £5 value toaster at this point) and eaten it with my neighbours on my ironing board, which was placed in our corridor along with our desk wheelie chairs.  Laundry – Early days really. Does washing a stain out of my pink ‘Halls t-shirt’ in my sink count as laundry? We did manage to invade the cleaner’s ‘linen room’ by accident in search of the washing machines… Sleep – Minimal. On this note, I have quickly found an issue with being part-catered. We get breakfast cooked for us but they only serve until 9:30am. This coupled with the fact seven of us are sharing a shower equals getting up pretty early. Nights out – For the first one our halls donned makeshift togas (bed-sheets) and hit the clubs. I recall a girl clearly not with us requesting whether she might take off and ‘borrow’ my toga. I had to politely decline. We also insisted on walking back in the dark like the stingy students we are to save the £10 taxi ride. Goes without saying: we got lost. Second night was a ‘foam party’ at a Uni venue, a maxed 1,700 capacity club, for which wearing my flowery swimming trunks turned out to be a great idea.

I shall leave it at that as I know a diary entry isn’t the most thrilling read for outsiders. Also, I fear I might have a subject introduction talk somewhere soon…

To anyone expecting to be a humble Fresher themselves one day, allow me to impart two pieces of advice. Firstly, talk to everyone, even your rivals from other Halls if you can infiltrate their cliques, bear in mind they hardly know each other anyway. Secondly, bring fancy dress costumes.

That is all. Twelve nights to go. Wish me luck.



  1. The same thing literally happened to me with the beans & bread, we swore after that we’d go down to town to get a cheap toaster. 😛

    Double vodka and cokes are pretty much my staple drink for nights out, £3 which is outrageous copared to what you pay!

    Glad to know freshers is going well for you, Gannon. Surprised you managed to find the time to write a post about it…

    1. Yeah double vodka cokes are my staple too. Found some £1.50 jagerbombs last night though… Tonight has to be my first night off – my body is struggling! I was chatting to my friend’s friend, a lovely girl, based at Erasmus Campus, Southampton Uni, yesterday – which is in Winchester! Looking forward to meeting up; I’ve seen Pete Kille out twice now 😛

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