Living is saying hello and goodbye

Everything is going so fast. A week today I leave familiarity behind (only for a few months, how melodramatic of me) and start the adventure one calls university. Intimidated is the word. My approach so far in coming to terms with this prospect consists of trying not to think about it… But leaving people, places and things behind is part of life. So let’s talk about it.

Goodbyes, however permanent, are unavoidable. Whether you bow out with a grand finale or gradually fade apart, friendships and relationships aren’t constants, they change, and end. Farewells are never easy and I wouldn’t change that for the world. How hard you find it to move on is often the best indicator for the value of what you had. Leaving is sad because it is only when you turn to go that you realise how happy you were not-leaving. For this reason leaving should be a celebration of the past. Tragically, it often seems a necessary step before truly appreciating someone or something. A step I am stumbling over at the moment.

While I will be sure to try and keep in contact with lots of people, this nevertheless is the close of a chapter in my life, and I suppose many characters will herein adopt different roles. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge their glorious involvement so far, and appreciate how they have shaped my own character-development. To abruptly swap metaphors: we are each a constantly changing canvas that every passerby leaves a mark upon (the closer you let them get the greater the imprint).

Thanks for making my life so colourful.


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